Employers are highly discerning when it comes to selecting employees. Since 1993, we have been supplying graduates to local employers and providing tailored training directly to numerous employers under government-funded programs for over three decades. Our brand is synonymous with excellence in technical and media education, offering employers top-quality graduates for thirty years. We also train employees from major companies like Data3#, ONGC, Boeing, and the Department of Education, both domestically and internationally.

Staying current with nationally and internationally recognized certifications is crucial for honing your technical or media skills, including networking and digital media skills, and advancing your career aspirations. With multiple study options available—whether in-class, hybrid, or virtual online—you can embark on your certification journey starting today.

Learn from our graduates who have achieved successful careers, sponsorships, permanent residency, and citizenship in Australia.

Traineeships at ACIT&IFTV: Integrating Work and Learning for Career Advancement

Embark on a traineeship with ACIT&IFTV to gain valuable work experience while earning a nationally recognized qualification, accelerating your entry into skilled employment. This comprehensive program combines hands-on training from your employer and ACIT&IFTV’s expert trainers, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your chosen industry and setting the stage for a prosperous career.

How Traineeships Operate

To kickstart your traineeship, secure an employer willing to hire you as a trainee. Once matched, sign a training contract—a binding agreement outlining the work and training arrangement between you and your employer throughout the traineeship. Make sure to designate ACIT&IFTV (RTO 31357) as your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) within this contract.

After finalizing the paperwork, your traineeship commences officially. Complete your qualification through ACIT&IFTV while gaining practical industry experience at your workplace, applying your newfound skills directly in your job role.

Cost of Traineeships

Investing in a traineeship is a strategic investment in your future, with your employer typically covering your wage, education, and training costs. While employers generally handle course fees and textbooks, you may be responsible for a small student contribution to support training expenses.

Start your career journey with ACIT&IFTV’s traineeship program, merging education, hands-on experience, and professional development.

Traineeship Courses Available