This dynamic video production course will teach you the real world, hands-on skills and know-how that will enable you to succeed as a creative video producer in the digital marketing and online publishing industries.

Learn from industry experts the tools and technologies that power todays digital economy and develop your own portfolio of creative work that will power you right into your next career opportunity.

Students will learn how to shoot and edit stylish and engaging video productions, design and produce professional motion graphics, create animated banners for social media, and build cutting-edge interactive video experiences online. By undertaking real-world projects, you will develop skills and understanding that will enable you to successfully navigate the creative production workflow as a freelance video producer or working in a digital agency or content publishing environment.

This course is delivered through online learning and face-to-face instructor led hands-on workshops.



In ‘Video Editing and Post Production’ you will study the fundamental theory behind motion picture editing and learn how to effectively sequence and craft video, audio and images into a professional video product.

Over twelve weeks, you will learn how to effectively plan a video editing project and will develop a range of practical video editing skills, including how to use and control powerful video effects, and how to export videos in the most-effective way for specific purposes.

You will then apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired by launching your own vlog on a social media platform of your choice and creating a series of high-quality videos that you have specifically designed to engage your target audience.

In ‘Graphic Design for Screen’ you will learn how designers use elements such as line, shape, form, texture, and balance in visual design projects, and develop your skills in selecting and using typography, colour and composition to create effective and purposeful screen graphics.

Over six weeks, you will spend time exploring how Adobe Photoshop is used for image editing and manipulation and learn real-world design techniques by working on graphic design projects. You will also be introduced to how Photoshop can be used in video editing and production as a powerful image enhancement and colour grading tool.

You will then apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in a real-world context by creating a range of screen graphics that are commonly used in websites, social media marketing and e-commerce including still image, animated and interactive banner ads.

In ‘Motion Graphics’ you will develop essential skills in designing and producing graphics and animations for creative video and interactive projects.

Over six weeks, you will learn how to use Adobe After Effects in a professional context so that the motion graphics you create are fit for purpose, meet technical specifications and are designed around the latest industry trends, and your client’s requirements. You will learn how to assemble video, audio, and graphical source materials into layered compositions, make edits and adjustments, and then bring it all to life with a powerful array of visual effects and animation techniques. You will also explore the processes of creative concept development, storyboarding, refining ideas and implementing appropriate workflow methodologies.

You will then apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in a real-world context by producing a suite of graphics for a television documentary series.

In ‘Interactive Video Production’ you will develop a wide range of the industry skills you need to work as a Digital Producer as you experience the workflow involved in the complete end-to-end creative production process and learn how to plan and deliver an innovative digital project.

Over twelve weeks, you will write and storyboard a creative concept for an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ style online video experience. You will learn fundamental techniques in capturing digital video in a natural environment, exploring how cinematographers use composition, lighting and sophisticated camera tools and techniques to create beautiful and purposeful moving images.

You will learn how to export, log and prepare footage for the edit process, and then build skills in authoring interactive media, and designing visual components as you produce a cohesive, and cutting-edge video project.

Any artist, designer, writer or producer who wishes to make money from their work, and avoid exploitation, must know the legislative rights they hold and the mechanisms that are in place to protect creative works.

In ‘Copyright in Digital Industries’ you will learn about the importance of privacy, security and confidentiality in a digital workplace, and learn how to use digital technologies and systems safely, legally and ethically when gathering, storing, accessing and sharing information.

You will become familiar with specific documents for copyright, privacy, and ethics and explore a variety of legal case studies on copyright and intellectual property. Finally, you will explore the concept of ‘fair dealing’ in Australian copyright law and analyse cases where you can use elements of other copyrighted work in your creative works.

In ‘WHS in Digital Industries’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you will require to participate in workplace health and safety (WHS) communication and consultation processes, including communicating WHS information to others.

You will analyse WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice, policies and procedures, and learn how to take appropriate actions to remove barriers to communication and consultation processes, and support others to raise relevant WHS issues in meetings and follow up on outcomes.

Studying ‘WHS in Digital Industries’ is a course requirement, mandated by the Australian Government, for the purpose of achieving safe working environments for all Australian workers.


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What past students say about us

Hazel Funa

In the year 2022, I realised that I needed to enhance my skills in the IT field. I researched many international schools that can help me achieve my goal, and I found this school, ACIT, and finally they helped me achieve what I needed to achieve in this field. shout out to the professor for their effort, patience, and sharing their knowledge with me. The staff is very accommodating, and I highly recommend this school.

Keint Lloyd Dumaboc

Currently studying Telco and Network Engineering for almost 8 months now. The school was not only teaching the skills but also giving practical and real world examples that satisfies my expectations from the course.

Shivraj Mavani

One of the most remarkable aspects of ACIT is its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. The faculty members are not only experts in their fields but also deeply invested in the success and well-being of their students, they go above and beyond to inspire and empower their students.