Australian College of Information Technology & Institute of Film and Television (ACIT & IFTV) “the college” first started in 1993 offering effective, career-driven, international industry-recognized education programs ready for employment.

Our mission:

To provide immediate careers to young people, bring new opportunities in careers, provide support to employers for rapid industry growth, empower women through scholarships, and deliver up-to-date education that transforms people’s lives.

Why we are the leader in education

We offer unique internship programs and industry placement services to help students obtain real jobs in the industry.

We work with various industries and prepare students to directly work in local and multinational companies. Our internship programs are offered in Information Technology, Engineering, Digital Media, and Business.

Established since 1993, we offer courses in Information Technology specialized courses in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Center Management, Telecommunications and Network Engineering.

What we do

The college employs high-impact teaching practices aligned with the new sciences, adding international industry certifications such as Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and VMWare to name a few.

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based delivery systems offer advanced technical education to both domestic and international students. For 30 years we have integrated Vocational and Industry Certification training to deliver skills and careers.

Training is delivered both in class and online with the flexibility to choose, swap, and change. Traineeship programs empower employers with online tracking and reporting systems, providing real time visibility into staff learning and skills development.

ACIT & IFTV is a trusted provider of training to our industry. The College is a Government Skills Assure supplier chosen by Government to deliver essential training to industry. For three decades employers have relied on ACIT & IFTV to upskill staff and drive business growth. When the industry needs upskilling and quality staff training, they come to ACIT & IFTV.

Our international students benefit from our extensive industry contacts and solid reputation through internship and employment opportunities.

Students can be confident of studying relevant and up-to-date curriculum. The College draws on a wealth of industry contributors including big tech, local employers, and worldwide academic partnerships with industry leaders.

Our international students have obtained, well-paid jobs, graduate visas, and permanent residency. This life changing experience has provided an exciting and rewarding future with a great career in Australia.

We invest in research and development and technology innovation. Students benefit from the new projects and partnerships we are forging with industry.

We invest in various projects:

-Digital media creation, TV documentary productions in Australia and France.
-Scholarships (Empowering woman & girls) -Streaming Videos on Demand/SVOD platform.
-Artificial Intelligence.
-Beauty industries (France and Australia) -Manufacturing, sales and distribution

“You want to wake up each day and think the future is going to be great – and that’s what our college is all about. It’s about teaching you the best education that provides you with rewarding careers. I can’t think of anything more exciting than seeing our graduates reach their goals and dreams.
It is a true privilege and honour to be of service in global community, in education and careers for the past 30 years.

Don’t stop believing in reaching for your stars.”


Chief Executive Officer | Founder